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                 Credit Card Payments over the phone

Accepting credit card payments is proven to increment in-store sales by 40% and is completely necessary for online businesses. In case you’re searching for the right credit card processing solution, this article will guide you on how to accept credit cards anywhere using a smartphone or tablet to accept mobile payments.

How to Accept Credit Cards

First, understand that accepting credit cards in person differs from accepting credit cards online. Here are the three things you need to know:

  • For In-person (in-store and mobile) credit card payments, You require card reading equipment that allows you to physically swipe a card.
  • In Online Payments(e-commerce and virtual terminal), We use a payment gateway that lets customers or sales staff enter credit card information into a secure online form for credit card payments
  • The credit card processing fees for in-person sales are lower than online sales since in-person sales carry a far lower risk of fraud.

Credit card processors also vary, as well. A few, as IPAYTOTAL, Provides all-in-one solutions that support all types of payments from one central account.
Regardless of what business you’re in, taking payments over the phone is becoming increasingly important.

  • You offer delivery on your products.
  • Your business is mobile or works in a hurry.
  • You offer a service and require deposits in order to secure appointments or make a reservation.

The truth of the matter is, having the capacity to take telephone payments enables you to profit by impulse purchases and close down sales quickly before the client changes their opinion. This is just one advantage of phone payments. Others include:

  • The money goes straight into your business account. Less cash on the premises means your takings are more secure.
  • The cash clears into your account quicker than it would if paid by cheque, which means you can get to it sooner.
  • Money clearing quicker also enables you to post things sooner, keeping your stock moving and your profit rising.

How to Accept Credit Cards for Mobile Sales

You Will Need:

  • Mobile Credit Card Reader
  • Smartphone or Tablet
  • Merchant Account that handles mobile payments like IPAYTOTAL

How it Works:

To acknowledge credit cards in a mobile sales setting, you require a credit card reader that connects to your smartphone or tablet, With it, you can acknowledge every type of credit or debit card and simply swipe, insert (for chip cards), or tap (for eWallets like Apple Pay), to complete the payment.
The payment information is sent to your merchant account processor for approval by means of your mobile device’s cellular or wifi connection. You in a split second get affirmation that the transaction was approved or declined. In the event that affirmed, you finish the deal and your merchant account provider deposits the funds into your account, generally within 1-2 days.

How to Accept Credit Cards Over the Phone & for Invoices and Recurring Payments

You Will Need:

  • An Online Virtual Terminal
  • Merchant Account with a secure payment gateway or an all-in-one provider like Square

How it Works:

To acknowledge credit cards for phone sales or receipt payments, you require a virtual terminal. Most payment gateways incorporate a virtual terminal in their service. It enables you to sign into a secure screen, enter or key in your client’s payment information, and process the charge over the web. The charge is instantly approved or declined. If approved, your merchant account provider deposits the funds into your account, generally within 1-2 days.
Online invoicing encourages you to get paid rapidly by enabling customers to conveniently pay invoices online using their credit card. Recurring payments are a convenient method to set up automatic credit card billing for a wide range of business needs, from deals and payments to subscriptions and lessons.

The Bottom Line

Most people find the subject of credit card processing complicated and difficult to understand. However, it’s essential that you understand the basics to avoid putting the wrong solution in place and paying more than you should when you accept credit cards. In case of any doubts, give us a call at+44 800 776 5988 or get in touch with us through our website. Even if you’re not a customer of ours, we want to help you understand the process so you can make the best decisions for your business. We believe transparency and proactive education is the best policy.

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