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payTotal will assist in opening your offshore company bank account, choose from over 30 banks in 15 jurisdictions.

You read a lot of stories about how difficult it is to get an offshore bank account. Well, opening a efficient,low cost, offshore merchant account 10 times more difficult. If you have a business that requires you to process your customers credit cards, you not only need an offshore company you need an offshore merchant account.You should already know that starting or moving your business offshore can offer significant tax benefits which is an added advantage.

To receive complete benefit from this offshore e-commerce opportunity, for tax optimization purposes, you need to set up an offshore corporation that you neither own nor control. This can be your platform for an international business which will have great tax benefits.

Register a business and a bank account in your target jurisdiction:

To secure payment processing in another country, you must have a registered company in your jurisdiction of choice. If you are a European business owner and want to extend your business to the US, you must have a registered company in any of the 50 US states. Also, you’ll need to ensure one of the officers of the business is American. But that’s not all! It’s necessary to have a bank account specifically for that registered business.

Global approach:

Nowadays, every online business has a global approach and also has the vast visibility that subsequently attracts customers around the world. Hence merchandising your goods globally sitting from your home country is a bad idea for any merchant for it cost more than your business setup. The first thing a retailer should do is having an offshore merchant account and using wisely to get more business from around the world and enhance the customer base.

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iPayTotal offers the following services:

  • To open Personal/Corporate bank account
  • To establish an Investment / Merchant Settlement Bank Account
  • To open correspondent account
  • To get a bank account for ICO/Crypto-Merchants(Anonymous Bank Account)
  • To open bank account for financial services providers


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